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A job applicant is more than just their resume. As an employer, you understand that. There are other aspects that need to be considered besides employment history. For example, applicants are usually asked to provide references that can attest to their character. These references can be invaluable when selecting the perfect candidate.

Reference checks can be time intensive. This can increase your workload, because you do not want to rush the background checks. If you do, you could miss very important information that could have prevented you from hiring the wrong person for the job. If that happens, there could be significant fallout. The rest of your staff could be affected, and the overall work environment can suffer. If this happens and you are responsible for hiring the poor employee, your own job could be in jeopardy.

Fortunately, you can save time and hassle by submitting your reference checks to AAA Credit Screening Services. With AAA Credit Screening Services, you can subject your applications to a complete online background check, which can even include a criminal records search, so that you can obtain as much information on your applicants as possible without wasting time. As a result, screening applicants becomes much more efficient and you can do your job more effectively. With thorough reference checks from AAA Credit Screening Services, you can rest assured that you will have as much information as possible to evaluate your candidates.

If you would like to contact AAA Credit Screening Services for more information on their reference checks, call 1-888-282-0447 today.

Featured Article:

The Advantages of Reference Checks

[Posted on Sep 19]

While many people may be reluctant to perform reference checks for several reasons, performing a reference check has several advantages. Most people use these types of checks to make sure that a person really is who they say they are, and to measure the character of a person. Reference checks are often done in association with applying for certain positions in companies, or applying for apartments or other places to live. A reference check can also be combined with a background check to gather adequate information on a person.

One advantage to a reference check is to have other people reassure you that the person you’re thinking about hiring is the right person for the job. You can find out how they performed on their last job through a reference check. You can check to see if they were ever tardy, or had any bad habits or problems with authority. You can also see what their last employer thought about what they may or may not have added to the company they were employed at. And you can make sure that their salary requirements are well deserved, and not overpriced. You can couple this with an employee background check to make sure all the information given to you is 100% accurate.

Another advantage to a reference check is making sure a potential tenant or roommate is going to pay their rent on time. Would you really want to rent to someone who has trouble paying the rent, or who is always late paying their bills? This is especially important for people who want to maintain their good credit ratings.

Of course, performing reference checks on your own takes lots of time and effort. That’s why AAA Credit offers to do it for you. It’s inexpensive, and it only takes a couple of hours. It frees up your time so that you can perform more important tasks, and gives you peace of mind. Best of all, there are no extra charges or monthly fees. You simply pay for the reference check, and get the results. Contact us today to start the process.

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