Tenant Screening

Tenant Screening


Landlord Credit Checks

Tenant screening is a vital part of our business – our goal is to save our clients’ money by helping them make the most informed rental decision.
Tenant Background Screening
Our tenant screening services, enables you to decrease the likelihood of property damage, late payments, or crimes committed by your tenants on your property – for which you may be liable! We offer a variety of tenant background checks, including current public record criminal information, as well as credit checks and residence verifications in which we conduct interviews with your applicant’s current and previous landlords, asking important questions regarding their rental history. These landlords will often give you an insight into this applicant that is unable to be obtained anywhere else – such as whether the tenant paid rent on time or did any property damage, allowing you to get to know how this individual is as a tenant, before you allow them into your property.

Tenant Screening Reports

What are your tenant screening options? We provide the following for tenant screening:

  • Credit Records(county, state, nationwide, federal, international)

  • Current and Previous Landlord Verifications

  • Employment Verifications (including work history and salary when possible)

  • Tenant credit reports reflect information from the past 7 years such as:
    • Social security number verification to identify misused numbers
    • Address check to identify misused addresses
    • Employment information (where available)
  • Civil Court Records such as:
    • Eviction Records
    • Tax liens
    • Judgements
    • Chapter 7 Bankruptcies
    • Chapter 13 Bankruptcies
To see a sample of a Tenant Credit Report, click HERE

Commercial Tenant Credit Report

AAA Credit Screening Services understands your need to protect your property and to feel secure in your commercial leasing decision. That is why AAACSS is now offering Commercial Tenant Credit Reports.

Getting Started

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