Other Screening Services

AAA Credit Screening Services provides a variety of other services to assist you in decision making, whether you are renting out property, own a business or if you're hiring someone to come into your home.

Contractor Background Checks

Running background checks on contractors including Nationwide Criminal Records, Business License Search and Business Credit Reports can assist property owners with making informed decisions before allowing contractors to work on their property.
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contractor background checks

Eviction Records

Due to changes impremented by the 3 credit reporting bureaus, they will no longer provide civil judgements and tax liens in their credit reports. In the past landlords could gather eviction information from therse reports, but AAA Credit Screening Services has implemented a new procedure to gather this information for landlords and still provide them with all the reports that they need to make informed decisions.
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eviction records

Driving Records

Businesses can save money and reduce insurance costs by making sure that they only put driver's behind the wheel of company vehicles that are responsible and have clean driving records. Driving Record reports also known as Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) can be run before driver's are hired or during a driver's employment tenure with a company. These reports can be run in batches through our easy batch ordering system.
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driving records

Business Credit Reports

It is imperative to know who you are dealign with before you sign contracts with other businesses. Will you get paid, do they run late on paying their contractors? Find out by running Business Credit Reports before you commit to a contract. Business Credit Reports can provide an insight to another business' credit history, bankruptcy filings and more.
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business credit reports

Consumer Credit Reports

Consumer Credit Reports can provide clients with an individual's credit and payment history. The credit reports also include the person's credit score and any public records on their file, such as bankruptcies or judgements against the person. Obtaining Consumer Credit Reports allows clients to understand and avoid rish associated with extending credit to individuals.
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consumer credit

Employee Drug Screening

Need a drug-free workplace environment? AAA Credit Screening Services contracts with a 3rd party testing facility providing customers with fast results, enabling employers to keep risk low due to drug-related incidents in the workplace.
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employee drug testing

Social Security Number Verification

Due to the increased number of identiy theft, running Social Security Number Verifications can assist in confirming that prospective renters and employees are who they claim to be. Reports include the name, issue date and current status ("active and in use" or "deceased") associated with the provided social security number.

social security number verification

Nanny Background Checks

Bringing someone into your home to take care of your children weighs heavily on the minds of parents when it comes to their safety. Running a Nanny Screening including a Criminal Background Check and Driving Record check can help give parents peace of mind before leaving their children in the care of a stranger.
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