eviction records

Eviction Records

Recent changes in credit reporting policies makes eviction records necessary.

Property manager and landlords understand the importance of vetting potential renters before signing contracts. In the past, obtaining credit reports on prospective renters has provided information about civil judgements such as evictions as well as tax lien information. The 3 credit reportin bureaus have enabled thier National Consumer Assistance Plan (NCAP) as of July 2017, wherin they no longer provide civil judgement and tax lien information. It is important to note that applicants with tax liens against them, may be subject to garnished wages or asset freezes preventing them from having the necessary funds to pay their rent. Because of this change, it is now harder for property managers or landlords to determine whether or not there are judgements against prospective tenants, however AAA Credit Screening Services now offer eviction record reports to assist with this issue.

eviction records
An eviction report uses the applicant's name and creates a report that contains the following information:
AAACSSS uses the information from these reports to compare against a prior address check (a report using the applicant's SSN to report addresses associated with the applicant). We determine which records matches the applicant's information and create a report ensuring that only information on your actual applicant is reported.

Customers that have been using credit reports to view civil judgements against applicants such as tax clients can now run civil reports. Civil reports can be run on a specified country or federal district. Please note that civil reports have a turn around time of 5 business days.

AAA Credit Screening Services strives to provide clients with the most up to date information on reports and when needed will make changes ensuring that customers are still able to obtain the necessary information when making rental decisions.

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