Driving Records - The Importance for Employment

A Good Driving Records Indicates Responsibility

Driving record checks on prospective drivers utilizing company vehicles is a must for all employers to protect their fleet and minimize insurance and litigation costs. Most fleet managers would agree.

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Employers may not consider running driving record checks on employees that do not use company vehicles, but perhaps they should. A good driving record can provide an employer with a look into the prospective employee's background regarding responsibility. Motor Vehicle Reports as driving records are referred to in the industry provides you with information regarding tickets, alcohol and drug offences as well as accidents.

Points deducted from a driver's driving record, an abundance of tickets, drug or alcohol related incidents and a history of accidents is an indication of an irresponsible driver, this could indicate that the prospective employee would carry that behaviour over into being an irresponsible employee. This may not be a risk that your company would like to take

Importance for Emergency Services

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When it comes to rushing to an "Emergency" or trying to get someone to a hospital, one would think that emergency services would only hire people with perfect driving records. Unfortunately, a study found that in 41% of ambulance accidents, the ambulance driver had a bad driving record. This is especially shocking since overall only 7% all of drivers have bad driving records.

These statistics makes it essential for emergency services to run driving record checks on all of their employees, not just during the pre-employment screening process, but also during their tenure with the company.


When it comes to litigation after an accident, it is important to know that the driving records of the drivers involved can be pulled and used in the lawsuit. Companies run an even larger risk of being held responsible for their drivers causing accidents if they did not do their due dilligence before allowing them behind the wheel of company vehicles.

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