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What is a Criminal Record and what will be in the report I ordered?

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Employers and landlords want to know whether or not applicants have a criminal record, especially if the nature of the conviction such as theft, burglary, embezzelment, etc. would disqualify the applicant from being hired or allowed to rent property.

To prevent such problems with prospective tenants or job applicants, landlords and hiring manages can order criminal record reports from AAA Credit Screening Services (AAACSS). When ordering these reports, you may wonder what exaclt is a criminal record and what is included in the reports?

  • What is a Criminal Record?

    A Criminal Record or Criminal Background is a list of a person's prior criminal convictions. Items usually included are misdemeanors, felonies and traffic offenses. Items not included in criminal record reports are cases tried in civil court such as tax evasion, bankruptcies or civil rights violations.

    Criminal record reports from AAACSS will provide customers with the applicant's full reportable criminal record for the past 7 years. This 7 year limit is to comply with state and federal guidelines for using criminal record reports in employment and rental decisions.

  • Reporting options include countywide record, statewide record, national record, federal record or international criminal record reports.

    1. US Countywide Criminal Record Reports

      Countywide criminal record checks include criminal proceedings in a particular US county or parish. Reports are gathered by searching local county court records for the most up to date conviction information possible. Due to varied courthouse hours and response times, turnaround time for these reports vary.
    2. Statewide Criminal Record Reports

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      Statewide criminal record reports provide criminal activity in a particular US state. These reports will include misdemeanor as well as felony convictions. The normal turnaround time for a statewide criminal report is 1 hour, however state databases may not include local county records, so there could be gaps in information, in cases where counties don't report to statewide databases. In cases where this may happend, a customer service representative will reach out to customers and offer countywide criminal records as an alternative based on the applicant's prior address records.
    3. Nationwide Criminal Record Reports

      Nationwide criminal records provides customers with US nationwide criminal background checks. These reports include felony and misdemeanor convictions nationwide. Turn around time on these reports average 1 hour and is the widest scope of domestic reports that is offered.
    4. Federal Felony Criminal Record Reports

      Federal felony criminal record reports differ from nationwide criminal record reports because they search records in a specified federal district.(e.g. Northern Texas District Court) only.
    5. International Criminal Record Reports

      International Criminal Record Reports cover 1 pecifically requested country or province and takes aproximately 5 to 10 business days to complete. Some countries (e.g. Syria, Lebanon) may take longer while others (e.g. Puerto Rico, Canada) may come back quicker.
Criminal record reports are only a fraction of the reports that employers or landlords may find necessary when making hiring or renting decisions. Employment screening and Tenant screening packages are available that include credit reports, driving records, reference checks, drug screening and more. AAA Credit Screening Services has some employment screening packages already available, or we'd be happy to customize packages to meet customer needs.

For more information on available options or to customize a package for you, please feel free to contact us at 1-888-282-0447 or complete the new customer sign up at the link below to get started.

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