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Comprehensive Criminal Record Check

Check Criminal Records Before You Rent or Hire

Does your prospective tenant have a criminal record? How about that “perfect” candidate you wanted to hire?  While most people do not, it is always best to be sure. You do not want to rent to a person or hire them only to discover they have a sordid past. With AAA Credit Screening Services, you can perform a criminal check report to determine if they are suitable for your property or working environment. Our criminal check record search provides a seven-year search of criminal records directly from the source. When you choose AAA Credit Screening Services for your criminal check, we will help you interpret what the background check means, so you have a better idea of how to go about making your decision. The more knowledge you have, the better decisions you can make. That can benefit you and those around you.  

Good For Tenant Screening

Have an applicant wanting to move in? You need to be sure they do not have a history of destroying property or have a poor payment history. You also don’t want someone with a criminal background entering your property. It is a good idea to know the criminal history, if any exist, on prospective tenants. A criminal check can almost guarantee that you will have a safe living environment for you and the other tenants. Our tenant background check includes a credit check, state criminal record check, rental history verification, employment verification and checking account verification. Contact our friendly staff today to discuss your options!

Employers Can Benefit, Too

Hiring someone with a criminal record can open up liability for you and your company. Before you hire, perform a criminal check. AAA Credit Screening Services has a pre-employment background check service that includes a statewide criminal check in our Full Employment and Quick Screening packages. A county criminal records check is included in our Senior Screening Package and both statewide and county criminal records check, as well as a felony records check, is included in our Executive Screening Package. Once you know that your candidate has a clean record, you can confidently hire them. Browse through our web-site today and see what background check package is the right one for you!

Tenants, Employees & More

Featured Article:

A Criminal Check Is Necessary When Conducting Business

[Posted on Sep 15]

A criminal check is very important when conducting business. It helps protect your business, your property, and you. Despite what some people may believe, a criminal records search is not an invasion of privacy. You have the right to protect yourself and what you own or what is important to you. After all, your business, your personal possessions and your family are your livelihood. You would not want to expose them to something or someone that is potentially dangerous and can disrupt or ruin your life or the lives of others.

A criminal background search can benefit you in three ways. The first way is by alerting you to the real identity of a person. This works best if you have the background search performed in conjunction with a personal background check. This will make sure to reveal who the person really is. It will let you know if the social security number they’re using is real or not, and will also alert you to any other discrepancies that may come up during the search. Criminals often want new identities, because their lives have been marred by their actions. So they will go out and take the identities of others, often unsuspecting victims. Sometimes they’ll even use the identities of dead people. With a proper background check from AAA Credit, you’ll know if the person you’re dealing with is who they say they are.

The second way a criminal records search can protect you is by saving you money. Let’s say you don’t get a criminal check done on someone, and you’re looking to rent out a piece of property, such as a storage facility. Someone can be nice up front, tell you an entirely plausible story, and even pay you cash. But they could be doing something totally different with the property than what they say. In fact, they could be doing something illegal. If your property becomes a crime scene or even gets investigated by the police, you could potentially lose countless customers, and as a result, lose money. Do you really want to risk that?

Of course, the last way it benefits you is through saving you time. You won’t have to go through all of the trouble of finding the records yourself. In fact, online searches are available in most cases, and sometimes can take as little as a few hours to execute.

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