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Criminal Background Records

Check Criminal Background Records Before Hiring or Renting

When you have a prospective new hire or tenant, you want to do everything you can to ensure that they are not a criminal or have a bad rental history. By checking their criminal background records, you can find out if they are the right person for your place of business or dwelling. AAA Credit Screening Services can assist you with obtaining criminal background records by providing a seven-year search on criminal records. We will interpret pre-employment background checks, so you can have a clearer idea of the person's record. This will help you make a better decision about your business or place of residence. You can have more peace of mind about the person you are hiring or letting stay in your apartment and/or room because their bad history can become your problem real quick. By being aware of a person's criminal background, if they have any, you can provide a better working environment or living experience for those tenants who will be living next to them.

If you are an apartment manager, our criminal background records check will allow you to see if the person has a poor payment history or has destroyed property in the past. A tenant credit check also tells you about their criminal history. As a manager, you know the importance of providing a safe living environment for your tenants. AAA Credit Screening Services will give you the tools to help provide a good place to live for all of your tenants by keeping the bad apples away from your property. Our tenant background check includes:

  • A credit check
  • A state criminal record check
  • Rental history verification
  • Employment verification
  • Checking account verification

Our staff is friendly and willing to help you look into criminal background records of anyone who wants to rent from you. Give AAA Credit Screening Services a call today!

An employer can also benefit from our criminal background records check. Through our Full Employment and Quick Screening packages, an employer can see a person's statewide criminal check. We also offer a Senior Screening Package that comes with a county criminal check and an Executive Screening Package, which includes the statewide, county and felony criminal check.

Providing a safer environment for your tenants and employees is always a great responsibility. You can feel better about the people you hire or rent to when you call on AAA Credit Screening Services for a background credit check. Take a look at our webpage now and see which package is best for you!

Featured Article:

AAA Credit Can Help You Protect Your Employees with Criminal Background Records

[Posted on Oct 10]

As an employer, you want to provide the safest working environment possible, and this means that you need to find out as much as you can about potential employees before you hire them. If you don’t take the time to look at a person’s criminal background records, then you could end up hiring someone who is a threat to you and the other employees at your business. AAA Credit Screening Services can help you conduct these important checks to ensure that you only hire the right employees.

For any business to be successful, you need to have employees that you can trust to work well together. If you hire someone who is not stable and has a history of criminal activity, this could really upset the working environment. It may make your other employees uncomfortable and could have a real effect on the productivity of your business. When you hire AAA Credit Screening Services to conduct background checks, you can be sure that that you’re not going to hire someone who will end up being a liability for you and your company.

If you want to attract the best employees to your business, then you’ll need to ensure that you pull up criminal background records on every employee out there that you consider hiring. If you build up a reputation of offering a great work environment, this information is going to spread. Applicants in the local area will know that your company is a safe and great place to work. Allow AAA Credit Screening Services to assist you with background screening and you can make this a real possibility. It will be good for your employees and the future of your business.

If time is of the essence and you need to hire an employee quickly, AAA Credit Screening Services can look into criminal background records quickly. You’ll get the kind of information that you need to make a proper decision, and it won’t cost you a fortune to do so. If you care about your employees and your business, then it’s a good idea for you to get started on these checks today. You can avoid the risks of hiring a person with a criminal record by reviewing our reports carefully and making a wise decision about who you bring into your work environment.

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