Tenant Credit Check

Tenant Credit Checks before you rent out your property!

Tenant Credit Checks can assist lanlords and property managers when ran before they rent or lease property, giving them a better indication of the type of person renting their property and the liklihood that they will continue to pay their rent throughout their contract. Running a criminal background check can also be useful in making your final decision. All of these tools can help limit the chances of someone skipping out on paying rent, destroying property and costing the home owner valuable money in repairs. For more information about your tenand screening options click HERE or on the Property Managers tab above.

Here is an example of what a Tenant Credit Check from AAA Credit Screening Services will look like:
(you can click on the picture to see a larger verion of the full report)

Page one includes the applicant's information including name, address, social security number and credit score as well as variations of their name and their financial summary

tenant credit check

Page two includes the applicant's credit history

tenant credit checks

Page three shows the tenant credit check applicant's creditors and their contact information.

tenant credit report

Page four is some sample descriptions of the TransUnion report

trans union credit report

Page five includes information on public records and their meanings

public records

Page six includes information on Credit Scores and what they mean

tenant credit score
aaa credit screening