Consumer Credit Reports

AAA Credit Screening provides Same Day Service on Credit Reports

Consumer credit reports act as a protection barrier against a lender providing credit to an unworthy customer avoiding expensive recovery measures and litigation. These repors contain historical details about a person's credit payment record. The staff at AAA Credit Screening will assist in interpreting the credit reports of your applicants to better understand the creditworthiness of your potential employee or renter. Click Here to Order NOW or Call our Office for Friendly Service 1-888-282-0447.

Consumer Credit Reports covers nationwide credit history and includes the following:

  • Social security number check to identify whether or not the social security number given has been misused, is a recently issued number or the number of deceased person.
  • Address check to identify misrepresented addresses and potential problems such as mail receiving services or prison drop addresses.
  • Employment Verification where available.
  • Public Records (if available) such as:
    • Tax liens (will be reported for 7 years after the lien is filed)
    • Judgments against the Person (reported for 7 years after the judgment is entered]
    • Chapter 7 bankruptcies (reported for 10 years following the bankruptcy)
    • Chapter 13 bankruptcies (reported for 7 years following the bankruptcy)
    • Collections Issues (if they exist) and their current status
  • Up to 7 years of the candidate's credit history
  • A list of companies making inquiries into the individuals credit record
  • A list of creditors and their phone numbers
Turn-around Time: One Hour or less.

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