Business Credit Report

Business Profile Credit Report - SAMPLE

The first page includes a summary of what is to follow in the report:
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  1. Company Information - Location, phone number, Experian file number, date of incorporation, tax ID, etc.
  2. Current Days Beyond Terms (DBT) - This indicates how long past a due date the company takes to pay
  3. Quarterly DBT- Includes the company's performance for the past 5 quarters
  4. Monthly DBT Trends - This includes information on the past 7 months
  5. Legal Filings and Collections - This will include bankruptcy filines, tax liens, judgements, etc.
  6. Trade Information Summary - Snapshot of important trade balances, etc.
  7. Performance Analysis - Payment trends compared to similar businesses
business credit report

The second and thrid pages covers more details about legal filings and collections against the company inquestion. This is where you will see information on Tax Liens, Judgements against the company and Trade Payment information.

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The fourth page includes a summary of ongoing payment behavior for the company in question, including monthly and quarterly payment trends as well as a summary of credit inquiries into the company. This also includes a Government Profile Payment History.

business profile

Page five includes Uniform Commercial Code - UCC filings against the company

business credit check

Page six lists Commerical Finance Relationships including banking, leasing, and insurance bonds. The corporate registration is also listed at the bottom of this page

business credit score

The seventh page includes balance sheet information on the last few years for the company in question

business credit rating

The eight page concludes with critical information regarding net worth and debt, taxes, assets, etc.

business credit report

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