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Employee Background Screening

Don’t Make the Mistake of Foregoing Employment Background Screening

[Posted on May 16]

Your business is on the up and up. You’re now ready to ramp up and take on more employees, so let the hiring process begin. However, before your business does make its hiring decision or decisions, make sure that you do a thorough employment background screening before making any final decisions as not doing so is certainly a recipe for disaster!

Trusting in someone who you don’t know is not a good policy, and even if everything seems good on paper, it is not unheard of for employment-seekers to either leave out important information from their resumes (or during interviews) or flat-out lie. There are too many horror stories to count of businesses trusting in the information given to them by their new-hires, only to find that the new-hire is a less-than-savory individual with a tainted past. Indeed, hiring these people can lead to disaster which can ultimately cost a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money. Violence, theft, and other serious crimes in the workplace can happen when business managers don’t do their due diligence, so be sure to not fall into the same pattern of simply “trusting your gut” and “hoping for the best”. Know the facts about your potential new-hires by performing a thorough pre employment background check.

You can certainly think of an employment background screening as an investment in your company. Indeed, the benefits of engaging in an employment background check can be tremendous. Your business will be able to have a higher chance of finding the right employee for your firm, lower risks of hiring the wrong employee, and in general, provide you and stakeholders in your business with peace of mind!

What can be included in an employment background screening report? Credit reports, statewide criminal records, current and previous employment verifications, education verifications, and social security number searches and validations are just several of the pieces which can be included in a professional screening report package, and if your business is ready to move forward with a high quality screening on one or more potential new-hires, then you can simply begin the process on the AAACredit.net website. Indeed, simply follow the instructions found on the website and if you have any questions regarding any of the high quality screening packages available, then you can simply contact AAA Credit Screening Services directly by phone or email. Remember- to trust is good, but to verify is best!

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